Rug Cleaning St. Louis

Having fine hand knotted oriental rugs, hand woven wool rugs, investment silk rugs along with other fine woven art adds class to any home. Over time these delicate treasured pieces will need to be cleaned beyond just vacuuming them. They will need to be professionally cleaned by a trained professional to ensure their longevity.


1.) We will start by doing a thorough pre-inspection of the rug

2.) We look for any spots, stains, frayed edges, rips, burns, holes, moth damage, pet damage, pet odors etc. and we document this.

3.) We then proceed with a Ph test to see if there may be any color transfer during the rug washing process and make the necessary adjustments based off our results.

4.) We then dust your rug to remove 85% of the dry particulate soil that routine vacuuming cannot remove.

5.) We then will pre-spot any troublesome areas we took note of in the pre-inspection process.

6.) Next we use our all natural pre-treatment to loosen and remove any remaining stains/spots, which will also loosen any dirt and hold it in suspension prior to rinsing.

7.) We then will use mechanical agitation to further work our approved pre-conditioners deep into the fibers of the rug.

8.) We then wash the rug thoroughly rinsing away dirt, hair, germs, bacteria and urine restoring it to like new condition.

9.) Fringes are hand detailed and restored to like new condition.

10.) We then will dry your rug with our state of the art powerful in house drying equipment.

11.) We will deodorize your rug and apply a rug protector if the customer chooses to do so.

12.) Finally we will wrap your rug and schedule your rug for delivery!

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