Pet Odor Removal St. Louis

When urine & odor problems arise whether it be from children, pets, or something else, it is critical to have a professional urine & odor treatment cleaning service.

Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning is capable of removing both old and fresh urine stains with ease. Years of stains and bad appearances are done away with our professional odor treatments and your home will smell fresh once again.

Using our professional carpet cleaning services is the best step to take. We have the right tools and chemicals to complete the toughest jobs.

For pesky stains and odors that have set in, store bought products will not work. One session with our professional carpet cleaners is all you need for a happy and clean carpet.

If you have pets, you know that the dirt they track in from outdoors and the stains from occasional “accidents” can quickly make brand new carpet look drab. Although spot treating an occasional stain or spot caused by pet urine with a home cleaning product may work okay in the short time, after a while pet urine stains and odor can really build up.

When you spot treat a stain on your own, you won’t be able to eradicate the pet urine that has sunk into the carpet backing and flooring below. As many pet owners know, pets tend repeatedly urinate in the same places because they smell the existing odor. This can cause a lot of damage! Therefore, the best way to completely eliminate pet urine and odor from your carpet and upholstery is to go with a professional.

Our pet urine and odor removal carpet cleaning service uses commercial cleaning products that aren’t available in stores and utilizes the latest science and technology to complete eradicate odors and stains. We can apply enzyme treatments and use special extraction tools to completely remove pet odor from your carpet so that your home looks and smells fresh and clean again.

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