Tile & Grout Cleaning St. Louis



Do you live in a home with dingy, dirty tile in the bathroom or kitchen? Have you tried to clean the tile on your floor or on your backsplash, only to fail to get out deep stains or to restore the tile to its original color? If you have tried to clean your tile but have not been successful, then it may be time to call in the professionals.

Our team of expert tile cleaners use advanced tile cleaning technology to clean your tile, remove stains, and restore your tile to its original color. Sometimes old tile fades and can experience discoloration. Our cleaning process will not harm your aged tiles. We also offer an optional sealant for tile and grout that will protect your tile and grout lines for years to come.

Do not try to clean your tile with harsh cleaners that can cause the tile and grout to become brittle & crack. Call the experts at Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning today to learn more about our tile & grout cleaning process! 314-358-2855

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