Commercial Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis

Take a daycare for example, if you are a parent, you want to be sure…100% SURE that any daycare that your child will be in is clean, disinfected and sanitary for you child. Carpet is the biggest indoor air filter and should be professionally cleaned in order to ensure that there are no germs or bacteria in the carpets which could cause a child to get sick. Daycares should have their carpets cleaned quarterly if not bimonthly because inevitably things are spilled onto the floors in daycares, diaper mishaps will occur, viruses are passed around etc etc.  Not to mention the fact that anyone walking into the daycare will track dirt, mud and who knows what else into the facility, onto the floors, which the kids crawl around on. In the winter months, snow, slush and salt can be tracked in as well and will cause a host of other issues if not cleaned on a regular basis.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning St. Louis

So how can you tell if it’s time to clean the carpet in your St. Louis Missouri daycare facility?


  1. If children are crawling and their pants are dirty or the bottoms of the children’s socks are dirty after walking on the carpet.
  2. High traffic areas are visible dirty from foot traffic and children walking and crawling on the soiled areas and then putting their hands in their mouths.
  3. If you notice stains and they won’t go away it is definitely time for a good deep cleaning with Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning powerful truckmounted system.


Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis Missouri provides the deepest clean available with a state of the art custom built $55,000 truckmounted system that out cleans any competitor Carpet Cleaner St. Louis MO. We only use products that are Green Seal Certified, guaranteed to remove dirt, soil, stains, grease, dead skin, allergies, germs, bacteria and it will brighten the colors of the carpet as well. Our products are plant and fruit based safe for us, children,  pets as well as the environment and they leave NO RESIDUE! Your carpets will stay cleaner longer with our method; especially when you have them cleaned on a regular basis as so many of our commercial customers do. Call today, estimates are always FREE! 314-358-2855 in MO.  or 618-581-8659 in IL. & find out why we are the leader in both restorative carpet cleaning, residential carpet cleaning & commercial carpet cleaning St. Louis.

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