Office Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis

People don’t stop to think about how dirty carpet is the first thing a potential customer notice when entering a building.  Spills, spots and stains in the main traffic lanes of a business gives customers the impression that the entire facility may be filthy. Routine nightly vacuuming by the janitorial staff will only go so far to remove the soil, and deeply embedded stains and spots will not come out unless professionally removed. Fresh & Green Commercial Carpet Cleaning St. Louis offers true deep cleaning with all natural cleaning solutions.

We have the equipment to handle the biggest jobs down to the smallest. Regardless if you’re on the 15th floor or the 1st, we can get it done with no issues. Our process, unlike our competitors, does not leave behind a residue for dirt to attract to either so carpets stay cleaner longer! We include a sanitizer as well as all natural deodorization FREE of charge with all of our carpet cleaning services as well as a courtesy. Most companies will charge extra for this… not us!

Our company can create a routine scheduled maintenance program for your facility which will ensure that your building remains in top notch condition all year round at an affordable p rice. We offer flexible scheduling and will work around your schedule to accommodate your business needs with little to no interruptions.  We offer hot water extraction as well as low moisture cleaning that dries within 45-1hr depending on your needs. Give us a call if your in the St. Louis Mo, Metro East Il area to schedule a free consultation. Also, feel free to check us out online; we take pride in having all 5 star reviews. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Green Carpet Cleaning St. Louis Mo.

Green carpet cleaning St Louis is a healthy alternative to traditional carpet cleaning in that its more healthy for your kids and the environment. Carpet requires deep cleaning which can be accomplished through green cleaning. Carpet cleaning St Louis should be done at least once a year. A good amount of dirt can be removed during the vacuuming process, however nothing compares to a deep professional carpet cleaning St Louis.


When trying to save on cash, some people choose to clean the carpet themselves with do it yourself rentals. It should be noted that do it yourself rentals don’t come close to the power of a professional truck mount steam cleaning machine. Below the surface of carpet fibers ly an abundance of accumulated dirt and bacteria that can only be reached by a truck mounted machine.


Green carpet cleaning St Louis is an options many are choosing these days with such a demand for eco-friendly products.


It is important to note that not all green carpet cleaning companies are the same; some are low moisture only meaning they use very little water. However, the carpet is not deep cleaning unless water is used to flush out the hidden impurities in your carpet fibers. Green chemicals will do this combined with the power of a truck mount.


It’s important to note that when looking for a green carpet cleaner St Louis, that they are in fact a green cleaning company. Many state that they are when in fact they are not at all. For seeking green carpet cleaning, choose St Louis Green Carpet Cleaning who only uses certified green cleaning agents that are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, safe for your kids, pets and our environment.


Carpet cleaning is necessary but it doesn’t have to be harmful. Choose wisely, with so many unscrupulous carpet cleaning in the area, St Louis Green Carpet Cleaning is the only true green carpet cleaning St Louis and we are the best choice.






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