Why It’s Important To Keep Your Carpets Clean


As you probably already know, in order to get the most back from your deposit, your carpets need to be cleaned when you move out of your rental home. When you have your final inspection, your landlord can charge a pretty crazy amount of money if the floors are not up to par, leaving you with very little cash if any that you’ll get back from your deposit. Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning offers high quality yet affordable carpet and tile cleaning services which could save you big!

Carpet Cleaning St. Louis

The carpet mills suggest you should have your carpet cleaned professionally every 6-12 months. Why you ask? Well your carpet is basically one huge indoor air filter, and if not cleaned every 6-12 months will trap all sorts of debris, hair, dirt, pollens and even mold which your vacuum cannot remove. This can cause a host of respiratory issues including asthma and allergies for anyone living in the home. This is why professional carpet cleaning, not renting a machine from a store of using a Bissell, is so important in order to have clean indoor air as well as clean carpets all year round.

Have you looked at the condition of your carpet lately? It may be time to give it the attention it deserves; especially if you want to keep it looking good for a while.

With the proper maintenance you will prolong the life of your carpet by having it professionally cleaned on a regular basis; not to mention the pet dander, hair, dust and pollen that will be removed with each cleaning.


Don’t wait until it’s too late and you have to replace your carpets; that is not a cheap option.  Consider Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning St. Louis for you next cleaning and you will see the dramatic improvement we can make on your floors saving you thousands in premature replacement costs.


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