The Facts:

Using a RugDoctor/Bissell WILL do more harm than good; Read the following FACTS outlined below:

1.RugDoctor / Bissell uses foamy chemicals that will attract dirt like a magnet. The residual RugDoctor/Bissell chemical that’s left behind in the carpet will get sticky. This is a problem, because after a few days of using the RugDoctor/Bissell machine and chemicals, your carpet will be dirty again. The cleaning agents Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning St. Louis uses are non-toxic, hypoallergenic & biodegradable; we don’t use soaps or detergents which means – NO RESIDUE!  Since there is NO residue left behind,  YOUR CARPETS WILL STAY CLEANER LONGER!

2. RugDoctor / Bissell machines do not have any source of heat. Shaw & Mohawk both recommend professional Hot Water Extraction. This means HOT water; not water from your faucet. Heat is what activates the cleaning agents in order to clean your carpet. Its not a recommendation; its an absolute requirement if you want good results. Cleaning agents can more than double in terms of effectiveness for every 18 degrees over 180 degrees (we clean at 230 degrees!) BIG Difference!

3. RugDoctor / Bissell only has one small under powered single stage vacuum so that it doesn’t blow circuits or fuses when you have to plug it into your wall outlets. The suction RugDoctor / Bissell provides is not even close to what is recommended in order to professionally clean your carpet thus removing all residue, dirt & bacteria. Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning uses the most powerful truck-mount cleaning system manufactured with over 15 Hg’s of vacuum suction power. We extract more dirt and pre-existing residue which result in a deeper clean in your carpet vs Rug Doctor/Bissell and we recover over 95% of the moisture we apply when steam cleaning your carpet.

Allow me to put this into layman’s terms: RugDoctor / Bissell uses a small electric vacuum motor, we use the most powerful truckmounted equipment available, which runs off a actual engine –  with a built in heat exchanger; estimated value of RugDoctor / Bissell $500-$2000, estimated value of our truckmounted equipment $60,000…there really is no comparison.

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