Hardwood Cleaning St. Louis, MO.

Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning offers a dustless, sandless refinishing process that will make your floors look like they were just sanded and refinished without the mess or the cost! In just one day, you can have that fresh new look that your hardwood floors use to have back again.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning St. Louis, MO.

Overtime, hardwood floors become soiled just like any other type of flooring and needs to be cleaned. Fresh & Green uses a special process that cleans deep removing the most stubborn spots, blemishes and residue.  We use a technique that is not only safe but very effective without having to sand your floors during the process. Your left with the natural beauty of your floors and the life of your floors are extended because unlike sanding, we are not removing any layers of wood.

Just like the rest of our cleaning services we offer, our dustless hardwood refinishing is completely green and safe for kids, pets and the environment. Our products contain no VOC’s, toxic fumes or harsh chemical residue.  Instead we use a water based product that withstands hardness and has been tested for durability and abrasion resistance.

If you’re looking for the best in Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Refinishing St. Louis, MO. look no further; We make floors look brand NEW again!




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