How to find a Carpet Cleaner in St Louis MO.

Carpet Cleaning St. Louis, MO.

Explained below are 5 ways for you to find a professional cleaning company to clean your carpet, area rugs, tile and grout and upholstery.


5 Recommendations from Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning St. Louis:


  1. Don’t just hire the cheapest guy in town.

If you are searching the internet for carpet cleaners, do not, I repeat DO NOT, hire the guy who says he will clean for only $5 per room. This is the guy who will show up only to “Bait & Switch” you or will do such a horrible job that you will have to hire another company to come in and fix his mistakes.


  1. Read Company Reviews.

Prior to making a decision as to who you will hire, search the internet and find out if that particular company has a lot of negative online reviews. If they do, you may want to think twice before you invite them into your home. Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning has all five star reviews across the board on Google, Facebook, Yelp and Angies List.


  1. Gather Estimates and Compare Notes.

Get estimates from more than one company, compare them, and see which one gives you most bang for your buck. Make sure that the companies your receive estimates from are including things like: pre-treatment, spot & stain removal, deodorizer, sanitizer and a neutralizing rinse. If they are not…move on!


  1. Watch out for Hidden Fees.

Make sure when you get estimates that you include any pet related issues, if not find out how much pet related issues will cost. Make sure you are clear on the square footage limitations, for example a living room dining room combo could be considered two rooms instead of one room. Make sure you also will be receiving a deep cleaning and not just a basic cleaning. If deep cleaning is extra, you will want to know this before you make a decision.

Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning St. Louis always provides a deep cleaning on each and every job that we do. We also include: Deodorizer, Sanitizer, Pre-treatment, Spot & Stain Removal and a Neutralizing Rinse.


  1. Find out what kind of cleaning they do.

Does this company use a low moisture process? Do they use absorbent compound? Do they bonnet clean? Do they steam clean? This is important to know in advance before you hire a company. Keep in mind, the only true “Deep Clean” is Hot Water Extraction which reaches deep into the pile and rinses each and every carpet fiber thoroughly and is also the ONLY approved carpet cleaning method by all major carpet mills. All other cleaning methods fall short of a “Deep Clean” and will only clean the surface and is not recommended by Carpet Manufacturers.


If you follow the above mentioned steps, you are sure to make an informed decision on who to hire when you need Carpet Cleaning St. Louis MO.

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