How Changing The Color of Your Grout Can Make The Entire Room Look Different

Dirt and aged grout can look nasty. Have you ever wondered how changing the color of your grout can make the entire room look different? Not only will it have an effect on the tiling and grout but it will completely change the look of your room, which in turn changes the look of your home. It does not matter how many old toothbrushes you use for tile and grout cleaning st louis, it is going to become discolored after a while. No matter how meticulous you are dirt is still going to collect in the tile seems. On the other hand, your grout may be fine, but you may not be happy with the color.

So, you are probably wondering what the solution is. It is recommended that you lift your grout and lay it again. This is not difficult to do. Although some individuals may prefer to keep their current grout and only change the color. If your grout is very porous you should have a very successful color change over. You need to have a steady hand to apply the color with a clean toothbrush or a special grout brush. The color has to be kept close to the seams, and if you mess you will have to scrub it off. You can usually do this, two hours afterwards with a nylon-faced sponge.

Make sure that your grout is receptive to color before you begin. If your tiles have been grouted by using inorganic substances like silicone, it will not be receptive to coloring. Seams that are not able to hold water will not take to grout coloring. There are several different types and colors to choose from, but ensure that you choose the correct one for the climate you live in. The best advice is to grid off an area that you are going to work in with blue painter’s tape. Do a little at a time as impatience can lead to errors that cannot be reversed.

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