The Importance of Maintaining Your Household Carpeting

If you are a new homeowner who is just beginning to learn how to care for your property, you probably have lots of questions about routine maintenance chores such as carpet cleaning. New carpets always look and feel fabulous, and you are probably hoping to keep them that way for as long as possible. Flooring, however, always bears the brunt of family activities, and even if you don’t yet have children or pets in the home, your carpets can take quite a beating.

For instance, if you entertain in your home, food and beverage spillage is a potential enemy to your carpet’s well-being. Many homeowners decline to serve red wine or tomato based pasta sauces in their homes at all, particularly if their carpeting is light or pale in color. When wine is served at gatherings, it is almost inevitable that at least one glass gets spilled right in the middle of a beautiful carpet.

Although the current trend is for homeowners to perform a significant amount of household maintenance work on their own, carpet cleaning should be done by our professionals using top-quality equipment. Steam cleaning is the best way to ensure that carpets are really clean because the warm steam gets right down the root of stains, dirt and odors and removes the cause. Other carpet cleaning methods simply mask the problem with heavy doses of artificial scent. Even though this provides a temporary fix, the scents that are masked by this technique usually come back stronger than ever when the chemical perfumes wear off.

Your household carpeting will also last much longer if you use the services of St Louis Green Carpet Cleaning, considering we use the most advanced carpet cleaning equipment in St Louis. The harsh detergents and perfumes found in noncommercial cleaning projects can substantially weaken carpet fibers, leading to breakdown of the material that can result in significant damage.

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