Common Carpet Issues That Call for Carpet Repair

The condition of your carpet may be one of the very first things people will notice when they walk into your home, which is why focusing on taking care of your home’s carpet is one of the most important aspects of home ownership.

Of course, when you are expecting company, cleaning your carpet may come as a no-brainer, but why keep it clean just for those occasions? You should keep it clean at all times because you never know when those unexpected visits may occur, and you definitely do not want to be caught unexpectedly with dirty carpets and floors. This is why home owners MUST keep up with their carpet repair and care.

There are a lot of different problems that may arise and result in an embarrassing carpet. Here are some of the most common issues that could result in carpet repair:

-Carpet Burns: This can be caused by cigarettes or ashes of some sort. These issues can leave a nasty and ugly black spot in the middle of your carpet.

-Ripples & Waves: Your carpet should not be a tripping hazard. A carpet with a lot of waves or ripples is caused by a carpet that does not fit the area anymore.

-Rips & Tears: This is the type of issue that should get immediate attention. It is very important to get this issue taken care of immediately because it can give your home a disheveled and terrible look and feel. St Louis Green Carpet Cleaning will fix this professionally, which is important if you are looking to avoid a “patchy” looking repair.

-Water Damage: This issue will not only make your carpets look bad, but it can make your entire home smell horrific. A regular cleaning session will not fully fix this issue, as it will not get rid of the mold that is infecting your home.

All of these carpet issues should warrant immediate carpet repair. Contact St Louis Green Carpet Cleaning as soon as possible, especially if you are looking for the most professional service and repair.

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