Safe Green Cleaning

With everyone being concerned today about saving our environment, our team of professional cleaners took notice. Usually known for using harsh chemicals and caustics, our company realized it was time to make a change, and offer more environmentally friendly products as well as service. Sure, some may remember their mother using vinegar to clean the hardwood floors, but these new services take this natural form of cleaning to a whole new level.

Today cleaning companies such as St Louis Green Carpet Cleaning, have started using products with base ingredients made of such environmentally friendly items as; coconuts, corn, and essential oils, these goods are much safer in the case of a chemical spill. Having natural items such as these find their ways into waterways is considerably less dangerous than what has been used by this industry for years. Chemicals aren’t the only item being replaced in this line of work; cleaning companies have also started using more “green” paper goods, such as paper towels and mop buckets made from recycled materials in order to relieve the impact making these products has had on our environment. Our business is also finding ways to operateour machinery in which not so much electricity is required, as well as using environmentally friendly batteries.

By becoming more “green,” our company is not only saving the environment, but making the homes and businesses we are contracted to safer as well. Any parent would prefer their child playing on a floor that was sanitized with natural products as opposed to a bunch of chemicals whose names they could hardly pronounce. Hopefully more industries follow the lead of St Louis Green Carpet Cleaning, and begin to preserve our planet. Next time you need to mop the kitchen floor, remember Mom is always right, and bypass the bleach, for the bottle of vinegar instead. If an entire industry can begin to shift towards being green, everyone should be able to contribute to this fantastic cause as well.

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