Eliminate Household Allergens With Proper Carpet Cleaning St Louis

Many homeowners spend a significant number of hours every week washing clothes and bedding with laundry detergents designed to remove soils and stains from fabrics. Many people also trying to eliminate as many household allergens as possible, have air conditioning units running all summer long so that they never have to leave windows open to breezes that can carry pollen and mold spores indoors. However, when it comes to their indoor carpeting, they rely on over-the-counter household cleaning products to try to clean and protect one of the most important surfaces in their home – giving absolutely no thought to allergy relief (in regards to carpet cleaning).

Carpet Cleaning St. Louis

Many allergens routinely lurk in household carpeting because the fibers provide an optimal environment. Mold in particular may thrive especially well when colonies are left unchecked in carpeting. The heavy chemicals and overwhelming perfumes of over-the-counter carpet cleaning products simply make the problem worse. Children in particular suffer from allergens in carpet fibers because they have more close contact with carpeting than adults do because of the amount of time spent crawling around on the floor.

Even households where residents aren’t prone to allergic reactions should take care to ensure that their carpets are as free as possible of mold spores, pet dander and pollen. Allergies can develop during any time of life, and many people suffer from allergies without even realizing it. Having your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis by our company that uses all natural cleaning products combined with hot steam extraction methods rather than techniques involving harsh chemicals is recommended for those who want to maintain a healthy indoor living environment. Mold infestations in particular thrive in thick carpeting if it is left wet for days on end; over the counter machines such as bissell and rug doctor do not have enough suction to recover the amount of water put down and can lead to mold issues later on.

Carpet Cleaning St. Louis

Our professional steam cleaning actually removes the offending substances from the fibers of the carpet instead of just masking the odors over the counter products create with strong, artificial scents. Allergens and other unwanted household irritants don’t stand a chance against our professional carpet cleaning process.

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