Carpet Cleaning St. Louis

Do own a business with wall-to-wall carpet? Have you been wanting to have your building’s carpet cleaned professionally for some time now? Have you lived with stains and spots on your carpet that never seem to come out — even when you continue to scrub them and test different carpet cleaners?

Stop throwing your money down the drain and potentially damaging your carpet beyond repair. Call our experts to have your carpet cleaned the right way.

Over time, excessive scrubbing and harsh cleaners can wear down the fibers of your carpet, cause them to loosen, and even discolor them. At that point, there is little you can do other than replace the carpet in the entire room.

Before that happens, get stains removed and dirt loosed and lifted away by letting our commercial carpet cleaners get the job done the right way. You are going to be amazed with the results.

Our expert team has cleaned carpets professionally for years, using proprietary non-toxic cleaners, knowledgeable staff, and custom truckmounted carpet cleaning equipment to loosen, lift dust, dirt, debris, & the most stubborn stains from your carpet forever. Whatever stain you have, we can tackle it while still protecting your carpet for years to come.

When you need commercial carpet cleaning professionals that you can count on, then it is time to call Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning! We offer free consultations and inspections! Call Today 314-358-2855