How to find a Carpet Cleaner in St Louis MO.

Explained below are 5 ways for you to find a professional cleaning company to clean your carpet, area rugs, tile and grout and upholstery.   5 Recommendations from Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning St. Louis:   Don’t just hire the cheapest guy in town. If you are searching the internet for carpet cleaners, do not, […] Read more »

Keeping your carpet and upholstery clean is important and here’s why

Have you ever wondered just how important clean carpet is? If you stop and think about it for a moment, you wash your body everyday right? Brush your teeth, comb your hair etc. etc.. You would never neglect something as important as personal hygiene, at least I hope not! So is carpet often times neglected […] Read more »

Office Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis

People don’t stop to think about how dirty carpet is the first thing a potential customer notice when entering a building.  Spills, spots and stains in the main traffic lanes of a business gives customers the impression that the entire facility may be filthy. Routine nightly vacuuming by the janitorial staff will only go so […] Read more »

Green Carpet Cleaning St. Louis Mo.

Green carpet cleaning St Louis is a healthy alternative to traditional carpet cleaning in that its more healthy for your kids and the environment. Carpet requires deep cleaning which can be accomplished through green cleaning. Carpet cleaning St Louis should be done at least once a year. A good amount of dirt can be removed […] Read more »

Employing a Professional Carpet Cleaning St Louis Business

Do your carpets look as though they want a clean-up? It is suggested that the carpeting be completely cleaned every 6 months with at least once each year. Getting your carpeting habitually cleaned can decrease the quantity of sickness and allergens, lead to higher air-quality inside your house, and prolong the life span of your […] Read more »